Why Should People Buy YouTube Views?

There is a lot of confusion and a bit of a misconception about the idea to buy views on YouTube. When we tell someone, go buy YouTube views and make the view count on your account bigger, we are not saying they should do this forever. We are not saying you should always artificially prop up your view count, because that makes no sense. Even if you make some extra ad money, it is not going to offset the cost of buying those views in the first place. What we say is buy those views in the beginning so you can get popular.

Now what does that mean? It means that when you first start up your account, you need to ensure that you are getting a lot of views because it will make more people flock to your content. Like it or not, we are people who rely on popularity to tell us whether something is good or bad. If I see a video title on YouTube and it has 50 views, I will not watch it, even if it is about a topic I am interested in. I will watch the video with a thousand or more views.

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And the fact is that most people who are on YouTube are like me. Unless they are directed to a video by someone or a website, or they know you personally, they are not going to watch your videos if you have 50 to 500 views, because they will think that no one really likes your content or your channel. So you need those artificial views in the beginning, because they will get more people closer to the content that you want to put out. And when they subscribe and start regularly watching your content, you are good to go.