Even cash-strapped college students can smoke their cheap juice legally

But first they need to wait until they are eighteen years of age. That is required by law. It is also a message being provided to all enthusiastic e-smoking readers in bold enough letters. It simply cannot and should not be missed. Nevertheless, hardworking but cash-strapped college students, newly liberated in the spirit of the country’s constitution begin to indulge themselves. First year students are usually indoctrinated by way of college frat parties which have also been, thankfully, curbed in recent years, mainly due to the rampant abuse which bordered on illegal activities and the consumption of illegal narcotics.

Cash-strapped and diligent college students can now relax maturely with their favorite cheap e juice flavors. They can do this while studying for their next assignment, next to the pool or at their next dorm party which has been organized soberly and responsibly. They will also be doing their strong set of lungs less harm than would have been the case if they were consuming illegal narcotics and poisonous cigarettes. 

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Studious students should always read their product labels through as attentively as possible, giving themselves more than enough space to exercise their conscience with the realization that they will still be inhaling nicotine, still a highly addictive substance, at some stage or another. Their education also tells them that e-cigarette smoking will never be a medical substitute to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

E-cigarette smoking, using the distinctive menthol or peppermint flavors, also cannot be embraced as the easy way out to curing the common cold. They are being reminded, once more, that they are required by law to be of the legal age, still eighteen, to use these essentially recreational but highly enjoyable products.